A week in Instagram 23rd Feb

Instagram 23 feb

Top row left-right

1. Rose’s outfit of the day, dressed in Gap jumper, Next hat, Next leggings and Ugg boots.

2. My attempts at taking a new profile picture #epicfail

3. Lewis and Rose having a story

Middle row left-right

1. Rose’s peg at nursery. It’s official <sob>

2. My lovely new mug that makes me smile every day

3. Holly’s driving lesson with Young Driver (review to follow)

Bottom row left-right

1. I still plait Holly’s hair every night so it’s curly for the next day. Ergo she’s still my baby.

2. Rose slept for the whole day on Sunday trying to fight off (another) nasty bug.

3. Painted my nails turquoise in an attempt to summon the sun Gods. It didn’t work.

How’s your week been?


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    • Amy

      Written on 23rd February 2015


      It’s easy once you know how. Holly keeps saying she will learn but I think she just likes me doing it for her! x

  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    Written on 24th February 2015


    I do love this instagram snippets into peoples lives- love the profile pic, you should actually use that one! And even though I don’t like coffee- that mug is ace! x

    • Amy

      Written on 26th February 2015


      lol that’s what Mr T said, the most natural non posey one haha! I’m loving my mug Katie, it’s so cheery! x

    • Amy

      Written on 26th February 2015


      Thank you Kat, the nail varnish is a Barry M one and it’s so old the number has rubbed off. I know I’m loving the mug, I got it from Fritha (Tigerlilly Quinn) xxx

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