Week of gratitude #2

This week I’m grateful for:

  • Getting to see the look of wonder on Rose’s face when we took her to the zoo, she stared at all the animals and interesting things in amazement. It was very sweet.
  • That everyone in our house is getting over the sore throat and cold we’ve all had this week
  • That we’ve had a really exciting opportunity to be featured in an article in The Sun health supplement!
  • That Holly got such pleasure out of coming home from school and baking a cake on her own, and said she’d been looking forward to it all day.
  • I’m so grateful that my bigger kids come and do the big shop with me and help entertain Rose!
  • We booked a trip on the Christmas train and a weekend away in Wales
  • I’ve kept on top of my paperwork and organised my office
  • I managed to get some lovely new dresses and treat myself with the vouchers I got from my City & Guilds campaign
  • That despite the weather we got a couple of dry days to play outside and do some painting with edible jelly paints we made!
I really hope everyone else has had a lovely, happy and positive week!

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