Weekly round up


I get so fed up of wearing the same old ‘uniform’ of jeans with a vest and cardigan that I’ve forced myself to come up with a new type of style that requires some effort on my part. I’ve bought a couple of lovely dresses one being the Maison Scotch dress from Next that I recently wore in my ‘wardrobe Wednesday’ feature. I’ve also been wearing the Alexi empire line tunic from Joules which is in a lovely ditsy print and flattering length on me. I’ve worn them with my new black suede boots from Dune the perfect height and shaped ankle boot for wearing with short dresses.

Worked out

I’m still working out, yay me! This week I’ve attempted my first outdoor run as opposed to just going on the treadmill in the gym. About a month ago and on a whim I signed up for the Bath Half marathon, naively thinking that because I can run flat out on the treadmill for 6 miles at a time that I could easily work my way up to 13.1 miles! Um nooooo this is so not going to be the case! Treadmill running is by far easier (and flatter) than outside running. So I have until 1st March 2015 to sort my act out. Watch this space. I have slacked a bit on my spin classes this week, but have managed to get in a few good quality weight sessions in the gym so I’m happy with that. My arms are looking more and more defined which was part of the main reason I upped my exercise regime. I still need to drop body fat and would ideally like to be a dress size or two down before our Christmas party. We will see. Which brings me on to…


We now have Halloween behind us and are well on the way to the Christmas countdown. I’m glad in a way because my will power is non-existent and I can’t resist sweets. So now we have that behind us until the festivities begin I am out of temptation’s grasp for now! I can concentrate on my diet and as always endeavor to be healthy and a good example to my children. This week we’ve been eating stews with vegetables and the cottage pie with sweet potato mash. I usually bake about once a week and this week it was what is now becoming my signature (and most requested) bake of Lemon drizzle cake I took it round to my Mother-in Laws and shared it with our lovely relatives visiting from Australia. Next week I am going to try and make at least one green smoothie a day and up my water intake.


I’ve just finished Elephant Moon by John Sweeny a really easy and touching read about a school teacher who leads a bus full of school children from Burma through the jungle to India. They are accompanied and helped by a herd of elephants, a lovely read. I’ve just started Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn I know I’m late onto the bandwagon with this one but thought I would read it before I inevitably watch the film. I’m already picturing Ben Affleck as the main character Nick Dunne who I don’t quite know whether to love or to hate yet.


I’ve been enjoying watching the pillocks on The Apprentice, that tv show never fails to give me and Mr T a good laugh. I really don’t know where they get these people. We’ve also been watching the the new season of The Walking Dead which we love even though this week’s episode was completely and utterly pointless and un-compelling watching we are still dedicated fans! Also the new season of The Vampire Diaries just started this week and I’m looking forward to settling down and watching that, hoping that Damon’s not really dead.

So that’s this week’s round up. What have you been up to this week?


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