#WELOVEBEEBIES we really do!

This morning I was catching up on some of my favourite blogs, as you do, only to happen across an entry to become a Beebies babystore brand ambassador. Having seen Beebies around on Twitter so knew immediately I would love to work with them. I quickly went over to look at the Beebies website only to find out that entries close tonight at 12 midnight eeek! Practically thwarted at the first hurdle in the race to become a Beebies ambassador but never one to shirk a challenge I put my thinking cap on and started to ponder how I could wow Beebies with my brilliant wit and charm. It’s currently 10.01pm and I could have done better at this except I had a disaster of an evening which culminated in me thinking I’d poisoned my own child with gone off milk, a quick session on Twitter and my fears are quickly allayed (thank you Twitter friends!) anyway I digress, for now it’s time to concentrate at the task in hand…

I am a mummy of a toddler but I also have two teenagers as well. I’ve managed to clock up a fair bit of handy experience over the years and love sharing my little pearls of wisdom when it comes to all things baby, toddler and teenager related. The baby and toddler stage is particularly fun and let’s face it, little Rose doesn’t run and hide every time I get my camera out.

She especially likes posing for outfit shots.

And action shots!…


And loves playing up to the camera at bathtime.


Baby related topics are what I write most about here on this little blog of mine and I do so love sharing my tips, advice and recommendations. What I really admire about Beebies is the huge diversity of products on offer, something to suit every budget and occasion and also the lovely family friendly ethos behind the brand and I hope Beebies think we would be the perfect fit for each other. It would be an absolute honour to call myself a Beebies Brand Ambassador.

I thought to myself, what better way to demonstrate my love of Beebies than to bake you some cookies. So this afternoon Rose and I set about making some!

Umm I’ll admit the finished cookies are perhaps not our best work but given time restraints and Rose being so keen to help me ice them, it all got a bit fraught and when I couldn’t find my ‘writing icing’ and so I did it by hand with a cocktail stick, hence the shoddy decoration but it’s the thought that counts (and they taste delish)


So Beebies, If you are looking for a blogger who makes terrible cookies, can talk the hind leg off a donkey about your company and products, is a complete social media devotee, someone who really wants to get involved with your company and help spread the word about what you stand for then please, pick us!


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