What to include on a killer media kit!

When I decided to take my blog pro I knew that I would be doing the equivalent of ‘cold calling’. We all need to tout for work sometimes and although I get regular offers I also go knocking on doors.

I have given a previous example of contacting brands for work and one of the things I mentioned was attaching a copy of your up to date media kit along with your email pitch. The brand will want to know your stats, reach and fees and some extra information about you and your blog. A killer media kit can really help you look professional and organised.

Killer media kit front page with branding and profile shot

I’ve come to realise both with jointly running my husband’s business and this blog is that if you can’t do something yourself find someone amazing who can, and pay them to do it for you. I look at things like my custom design header and my media kit as an investment in my business and whilst they are an expense I feel that they help me portray a professional image that and have been instrumental in gaining me work.

I haven’t the time, inclination or skill to design and convert a media kit to pdf myself and so I used Lix Hewitt Design. Lix does brilliant web and design work and has a great portfolio of media kits including one for none other than Lo Bosworth, so I’m in great company! I’ve actually interviewed Lix here on the blog if you fancy a read, she’s a very talented multi-creative young woman. We have worked together on several projects and she comes very highly recommended from me.

Inside pages of a media kit detailing social reach and following. With fees listed and engaging content and photographs.

So, what do you include on your killer media kit?

  • Decide how many pages you will have and sketch out a mock-up design on paper. I think 3 pages is ample.
  • Use your branding. You can see on the front page of my media kit I have my blog header at the top. This is the same branding I use across all my social media, in my email signature and on my business cards. It is what makes me and my blog memorable.
  • A photograph of you. I don’t stick by the rule that you should only change your profile picture every six months and often switch mine here on the blog and social media accounts. I have been told I look the same (if a little less airbrushed!) in real life as in my online photographs so don’t have a problem changing them when I get bored. However, I would recommend a good clear headshot on your front page. Your prospective client wants to get to know you, and if someone feels a connection with you that is your foot though the door.
  • A short introduction to you and the general consensus of what your blog is about/who it’s aimed at.
  • Details of your social media following: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  • Your blog reach: followers, email subscribers, unique monthly visitors, monthly page views and demographic e.g. female audience-age range 25-55.
  • List some of your previous collaborations so that prospective clients can see who you have worked with already.
  • Say in brief what services you offer. I know some people don’t include their fee so they can negotiate on an individual basis, however I know how much I want to earn per hour/job so list my absolute highest fee with a view to negotiate down if needs be.
  • Your advertising rates and terms.
  • Your contact details!
  • A couple of brief testimonials: I just contacted a couple of clients and asked them if they wouldn’t mind writing a few words about what it was like working with me.
  • Lastly a few pictures, these can be showing off your photography skills or lovely photogenic family. This will help make your media kit more personal to you and engage your prospective client!

I really hope this was helpful to anyone thinking about making a media kit or looking for someone amazing to design one for them.

Is there anything you would add or do differently? I’d love to hear if you think a media kit is important.

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