What’s happening with Mr & Mrs T Plus Three: 25th March

It’s Good Friday! And you all know what that means? Easter weekend and four long glorious days off. Annnnnd RELAX.

Here’s what’s happening with Mr & Mrs T Plus Three this week…


  • Since my last weekly update, I jumped up to number 17 in the tots 100. I know charts aren’t the be all and end all but they are a nice way of marking your personal progress. I’m not going to lie I did do a little happy dance when I saw my position. Now to hope I can stay there, eeek!
  • I just broke my March monthly target of reaching 8500 followers on Instagram this means so much to me as it is my happy place :)
  • I also reached 13,000 followers on Twitter which was another milestone and something that felt unachievable a year ago.
  • It’s only 3 months to go until BML (BritMums Live) have you got your ticket? I’ll be there so hopefully I will see lots of your lovely faces.
  • I had a meeting in London with the other Mark Warner Mums and the lovely PR girls. I spent the whole train journey home pouring over the magazines trying to pick our holidays. I am beyond excited and just feel so lucky.
  • By the time you are reading this we are heading off on a long weekend as guests of Swansea tourist board. We have a really full itinerary and I’ll be sharing our adventures when we get back. I’m really looking forward to it as The Gower in Swansea was my first weekend away with Mr T 12 years ago so it will be a trip down memory lane for us.
  • My most popular post last week was: My Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter’s tea party 
  • Giveaways I shared last week: Win a Kilner drinks dispenser from NuCasa

An Alice in Wonderland themed tea party


  • We are still sleeping in the dining room. Give me strength! When will it ever end…? I did manage to choose curtains this week and was relieved to find that John Lewis do them big enough to fit the windows so I don’t have to have them made, and they’re lined. Result.
  • It’s half term and Holly’s GCSE exam revision is in full swing, well after Monday it will be, I’ll let her have the weekend off.
  • We started shopping for Holly’s prom dress, she is so grown up and gorgeous I can’t wait to photograph her and her friends in their outfits.
  • Lewis is loving the time off college which means he gets to work a few extra days with Mr T so more money for him. Maybe he’ll be buying us Easter eggs this year!
  • We all had an amazing day out at Thorpe park last Sunday.

Group shot at Thorpe Park

  • I am so happy it’s a long weekend and Mr T is having some time off work. Honestly, that man of mine works so hard, he gets up at 5am sometimes and then comes home to do work on the house.
  • Rose, the little minx, cut her own hair at nursery when she was supposed to be glueing, cutting and sticking for an Easter card. When I picked her up I said ‘Rose, what have you done?’ and she replied ‘I do my best Mama’ honestly that girl cracks me up!
  • I have made it to a couple of spin and body pump classes this week I haven’t been for ages and really want to get back in the mindset. I’ve done really well making healthy choices and having juices every day made from Kale, spinach, avocado and a little fruit. I will try not to fall from the bandwagon this weekend and eat ALL THE CHOCOLATE!
  • Wishing everyone a very happy Easter from all of us :)

That’s all from me this week. What have you all been up to?

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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  • Plutonium Sox

    Written on 25th March 2016


    Oh I’m so pleased for you about how amazingly your blog is doing Amy, it’s just fabulous. Have a wonderful Easter.

  • Mummy here and there

    Written on 26th March 2016


    Wow so much positive to celebrate. Congrats on tots score and hope you have a fabulous time in Swansea (tis lovely there and the beaches ate gorgeous). Happy Easter X #thelist

  • Katie @mummydaddyme

    Written on 28th March 2016


    It sounds like you have had a wonderful week, both blogging and personally. Well done on your instagram and twitter milestones- instagram is definitely my happy place too. xx

    • Amy Treasure

      Written on 28th March 2016


      Thank you so much, my love! I am curious now as to whether Instagram will roll out the changes or not and how it will be over there when they do, I actually think it will work quite well hopefully we will both still be happy over there! Thanks for reading and hope you and the family had a brilliant Easter xx

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