What’s happening with Mr and Mrs T Plus Three? #1

I really enjoy reading everyone’s round up posts and especially love Aby’s weekly list at You Baby Me Mummy so I’ve borrowed the format to do my own (I asked first!)

So here’s what’s happening with Mr and Mrs T Plus Three this week…



  • My fav conversation on Twitter this week was with Megan of Truly Madly Kids (@TrulyMadly7) who spotted a spelling mistake on my ‘Desert Island Discs’ post last week. I might have accidentally titled it ‘Dessert Island Discs’ Oh the shame (I can spell honest) Thanks Megan ;-)
  • My fav Instagram moment this week was this one-just look at that little face!



  • It’s half term so it has been busy in the Treasure household, really nice not to have any exam stress for a week though.
  • Mr T got a new yard and a posh new portacabin office. I don’t think he can stand the noise when he works from home!
  • Our house move is becoming more of a reality. I’ve been told that we might be ready to sign contracts next week.
  • Rose is completely healed from the accident she had with her eye. But…
  • Holly has been struck down with a dreadful bout of tonsillitis. One day I will make it through the week without a trip to the hospital OR the doctor.
  • Lewis is all good though and had an interview at college this week, fingers crossed for him.

Hope everyone has had a good week!

The List

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  • Natalie Ray

    Written on 29th May 2015


    Great post, I look forward to hearing what you’ve been up to each week. You are so successful in your blogging life. It’s wonderful to see and so well deserved.xx

  • The L's Mum

    Written on 29th May 2015


    I love these style of posts, it’s great to look back on the cheievements, and remember things that have happened both in blog and real life. :) #TheList

  • Lisa (mummascribbles)

    Written on 29th May 2015


    What a fab round up! So exciting for the house move! I hated waiting for the completion date, you just never know what might happen, it’s so stressful! I adore that photo – look at her little bunches – so cute! Also huge congrats on all the fab blogging bits – all well deserved! #TheList

  • Sian

    Written on 30th May 2015


    Interesting round up! I love reading about other people’s blog life and everyday life bits and pieces too. Super cute Instagram pic!

  • Katy (What Katy Said)

    Written on 31st May 2015


    I do these posts every Friday, I love them- such a nice way to round off the week. I didn’t know you were moving house, how exciting!!! Sorry to hear about Holly’s tonsils!! Nightmare!

  • Rachel (Lifeofmyfamilyandme)

    Written on 1st June 2015


    I seem to spend once a week at the doctor for one of us – i joke to Mr B that i really should rent a chair ha ha! I like the idea of a ‘what we got up to every week’ post but because i work in the week i think it would be pretty boring – i might just save them for half terms :) xx

    • Amy

      Written on 1st June 2015


      Oh tell me about it, I am like a resident at the Drs too haha! Yes posts like this are a good way of reflecting back on the week-half term would be a good time to write it :-) xx

  • Hannah Mums' Days

    Written on 5th June 2015


    I HAVE to do these posts Amy! Otherwise I’ve literally no idea what I’ve done with my week. Thank goodness for my iPhone or so many memories would be wiped clean from my head – hahah! Looks like a fab week and I just LOVE that photo :D it’s the best when they start smiling for the camera *heart melts* xx
    Thanks for linking up to #TheList xx

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