What’s happening with Mr and Mrs T Plus Three? #2

I really enjoy reading everyone’s round up posts so here’s what’s happening with Mr and Mrs T Plus Three this week…



  • My fav conversation on Twitter this week was with a courgette (@CourgettiDinner) yes really!
  • My fav Instagram moment this week was this-I was doing the dishes and turned around to find Rose had pulled her trousers down, taken her nappy off and plonked herself on the potty with a book!

toddler on a potty



  • Rose has all of a sudden started talking a lot, she’s now putting 3 or more words together and it’s just wonderful watching her blossom. She’s also counting ‘2,5,9,10,10′ really cute!
  • We have got a possible completion date on the new house of 22nd June, the Monday after Britmums! Something tells me I’m going to be busy packing next week…
  • Lewis is not stressed out at all about his exams, so that’s a relief.
  • Holly is recovered from her terrible tonsillitis and is busy revising for her mocks.
  • It’s Rose’s birthday this Saturday and the wooden kitchen I wanted to buy for her was reduced from £150 to £75 so I am one happy mama :)

Hope everyone has had a good week!

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