What’s happening with Mr and Mrs T Plus Three? {Friday 17th July}

Air rifle shooting

Here’s what’s happening with Mr and Mrs T Plus Three this week…


  • I’m baaaaaaccckkk! My internet has returned and all is well at Mr and Mrs T Plus Three base camp! I was so relieved when the engineer arrived Saturday morning and fixed it I could’ve bloomin’ kissed him!
  • Blog life is fab this week with lots of interesting emails and offers of work, thank the heavens as things had gone a bit quiet.
  • I have been loving all the feedback on my YouTube channel, thank you if you’ve visited me over there or joined in with Vlog Stars. There’s still time to link-up if you fancy it!
  • Last Friday I started my new weekly feature-The style edit where I show you what this mama has been wearing! Thanks to everyone who enjoyed/commented on my post and complimented my featured pic. A couple of you suggested I set it as my profile so I have done just that! This week I feature a flower crown (don’t laugh) which Mr T laughed his head off at when I put it on but I love it so check it out!
  • My most successful post this week was: How it feels when your children grow up
  • My own favourite post this week was: Interview with a blogger: Amber from The Goblin Child 


  • My fav conversation on Twitter this week was with Alexandra from Don’t Call Me Step mummy (@dontcallmestepm) about skunk spray flavoured jelly beans. This convo has culminated in me ordering said Jellybeans for the beanboozled challenge. Watch this space…
  • My favourite Instagram moment this week was a picture, well a Polaroid of Holly and I taken on her new camera that we got her for her birthday. Parents of teenagers, take note, best present ever and serious mama brownie points pour moi!

polaroid pic of mama and daughter



  • Mr T set me up some targets outside the front of our house and I have been practising most evenings this week. I am a mean shot would you have guessed it!?! I would never condone or shoot anything living but love shooting targets and find it oddly therapeutic!
  • I joined a new gym and did my first spin class there which was different to what I’m used to. The instructor was cool, full of energy and singing/getting us to sing which was fun. It was better lit than my last class which was not so fun especially when you go the colour of beetroot like I do.
  • School is out for Holly tomorrow, hurrah. This is great because we have loads of girly stuff planned without the smelly boys.
  • Lewis had a job interview at a well-known fast food restaurant today! Please keep your fingers crossed for him as it would do his confidence the world of good if he gets it (I really am praying he does)
  • Rose is starting to sleep a bit better which tells me she is fully settling in at the new house.
  • I am in the midst of planning a house-warming which will take place in August and the theme will be ‘Hawaiian’ grass skirts and coconuts mandatory…

Hope everyone has had a good week!

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