What’s happening with Mr and Mrs T Plus Three? {Friday 7th August}

two girls riding a shetland pony


Here’s what’s happening with Mr and Mrs T Plus Three this week…



  • Another hectic week, my sister and niece are coming from London to stay today-I will be collecting her just after lunch so I have been busy getting the spare room ready and meal planning. It will be so good to see them though.
  • I have seriously let my healthy diet and lifestyle go down the drain. My sister is a proper exercise freak so I’m hoping she can inspire me and kick my butt into shape over the next two weeks. I will keep you posted!
  • We had a complete power cut Wednesday morning and found out EVERYTHING needs replacing. Sad times.
  • Yesterday we went for a day out to At Bristol-the science museum. Mr T couldn’t make it but the rest of us had an amazing day. I got loads of footage and will share a review soon. I am so proud to be an ambassador for the amazing city of Bristol and love living here. You should all move to Bristol!

Hope everyone has had a good week!

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  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 14th August 2015


    O.k I will move to Bristol! Can we live with you?! ;) Sounds like a good week apart from the dodgy electrics, good job you have a man who can! ;) Thanks for hosting with me huni xxxx

  • Mrs Tubbs

    Written on 14th August 2015


    Sounds good apart from the electrics and the healthy! Hope you get it all sorted soon. Have a great week! #thelist. (My PC didn’t like your link so I just found one!)

  • Mim

    Written on 19th August 2015


    I’ve never been to Bristol – I really must rectify that ASAP! Urgh power cut, sad times indeed :) Mim x #thelist

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