What’s happening with Mr and Mrs T Plus Three? {Friday 7th August}

two girls riding a shetland pony


Here’s what’s happening with Mr and Mrs T Plus Three this week…


  • I got a new theme, what do you think do you like it? It took me forever to figure out how to get the tiny portion of video into the home slider and I now think I am a super computer whiz (not really I nearly threw my laptop at the wall ha ha)
  • I made it into the Tots200 yippee!
  • I decided to send at least two pitches to brands every week and one has come back very positively, the other I haven’t heard from but one out of two aint bad…
  • My most successful post last week was: The Style Edit: Casual daytime
  • My own favourite post last week was: Dear children…
  • Reviews I have shared: Sing N’ Dance Bob Minions toy
  • Competitions I have shared: Hope’s Relief drawing competition £70 prize!


  • You may remember from my weekly round up two weeks ago that my eldest son Lewis had a job interview. Thank you for all your well-wishes, they worked because he got the job! I am so proud :-)
  • It is a couple of weeks into the Summer holidays and while Lewis and Mr T are busy working and Rose is at nursery, it has meant lots of girly days for Holly and I which has been really wonderful.
  • Mr T has completely thrown himself into the house renovations this week and transformed our outside space. He has built a brand new wooden terrace already and made a useable garden for Rose with magic grass (artificial grass) It is looking really good and I feel so lucky I married a builder who actually does work on his own house!
  • The highlight of our week was meeting up with Aby and Baby. Aby drove all the way to come and see us and we took the girls riding on my mother in law’s pony. We had a picnic and all three girls played in the sunshine. It was lovely and so great to catch up with Aby while our girlies became the best of friends. Lots of pics to follow but featured is one of my favourites-so cute.

Hope everyone has had a good week!

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