What’s happening with Mr & Mrs T Plus Three: 22nd Jan

Hello! It’s Friday or should that be FRIYAY? Well, I am welcoming in the end of the week with open arms. Here’s what’s happening with Mr & Mrs T Plus Three this week…


  • As you know I took quite a big break (for me) over Christmas, I came back feeling refreshed and raring to go. I have been feeling under the weather the past week and with that I’ve been left horribly unmotivated which sucks. When this happens and work and emails pile up it is all just so ‘meh’. I am starting to feel better and so have made lots of lists in my planner and am hopefully getting my mojo back. Hooray!
  • I made the decision to turn everything down this week but at the same time I am miffed that I’ve not had any emails that have left me with the warm fuzzies, go figure?!
  • I did make a vlog on Wednesday which was fun. Before this here parenting blog of mine, I actually had a beauty blog (I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing quite a while!) anyhoo, something I always wanted to do was beauty vlogs but I never got around to it and now I’m wondering if I should make more? Have a watch and you tell me!

My top 5 bright lipsticks

  • I decided not to try and get tickets to Blogcamp. I know I’ll be envious hearing about it on social media but May is a real busy month so I can’t really justify it. I am 100% going to Britmums live though, who will I be seeing there?
  • Reviews I’ve shared this week: these gorgeous boots from Bobux
  • My favourite post to write this week: was my #LittleFierceOnes round-up. I can’t believe there are more than 2000 posts on Instagram using the hashtag. Aby and I are delighted.
#LittleFierceOnes round up week 10

A few of my favourites from last weeks #LittleFierceOnes our Instagram community


  • Rose and I have been under the weather (again) she came out in a dreadful rash all over her body and I was so grateful for the reassurance from lots of other mamas over on my facebook page. Thankfully it was just a viral rash. Phew!
  • The electrician is coming to finish the bedroom today. Eeeeek! I seriously can’t wait to show you how it looks once it’s all done. I am beyond excited about my dressing room.
  • Lewis has had a quiet week plodding along at college and work. He’s getting on so well, bless him.
  • Holly has had an exciting week and has had two provisional offers through for the colleges she wanted to get into. All she needs to do now is get the grades…I know she can do it.
  • I’ve really let things slide on the exercise front and have decided that as of next week I am getting back into the gym for my spin/bodycombat/bodypump classes with NO EXCUSES.
  • Mr T is extending our balcony decking, I know he is a builder but I am so impressed with the way he has completely transformed our outdoor space. There’s so much going on with the house and although stressful at times, the end result is going to be incredible.

That’s all from me this week, I’d love to hear what you’ve all been up to.

Mr and Mrs T Plus Three

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