Win free bed linen from elinens for LIFE

Bedding from elinens

Can you believe this extraordinary prize from elinens? I know how popular bedding is with you guys as we have chatted about it over on Facebook. It seems that it’s not just me that loves nothing more than to climb into bed and envelop myself in luxury bed linen, you guys do too.

elinens are part of Drew Brady & Co Limited formed in 1947 and are committed to delivering only the very highest levels of customer service by providing quality textiles and accessories for you.

elinens have established themselves as one of the UK’s market leaders in the textile industry offering an extensive range of products at a fantastic price.

I’ve had a look at the website and whoever wins this prize is in for a massive treat. If it were me that won I would go for the decadent ‘Christy Mandalay duvet cover’ first. It’s beautifully elegant and sophisticated and suits my chic style down to a T. In fact I love the styling of the entire room and have pinned it to my bedroom inspiration board. Watch this space!

So, what do you have to do in order to win yourself this unbelievable prize?

It is so simple and takes 20 seconds. All you need to do is follow the link below, enter your name and email into the boxes provided and that’s it, you are in with a chance of winning free bed linen for your entire life!

Here’s the link you need: elinens competition link 

Very best of luck to you!

*post written in collaboration with elinens

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  • Lucy Melissa Smith

    Written on 13th December 2015


    Wow, WHAT a prize!
    I always need new ben linen because I change my mind all of the time so this would just be an excuse to re-do the bedroom every year haha!
    Thanks for sharing

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