Would you rather? Vlog

Filming this was a bit of light relief this morning. I really do have so much to do today but filmed this while Rose is at nursery and the kids are at school. I do love a good vlog!

I was tagged by my gorgeous friend Aby at You Baby Me Mummy to take part in her new meme vlog series-Would you rather? I have tagged some other lovely bloggers/vloggers at the end of the video, hope you like it!


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  • Heledd - Running in Lavender

    Written on 6th May 2015


    Wow that was fast, I’ve literally just watched Aby’s vlog!! Well done you! You’re also (just like Aby) such a natural in front of the camera, I’m now feeling even more nervous. Great answers, to some pretty tough questions.

  • Steph @MisplacedBrit

    Written on 6th May 2015


    You were UNBELIEVABLY fast. And SO funny!
    …’See what goes on their lovely little brains!’ – Hahaha!!
    OH NO! That’s all I can say… I have NEVER vlogged

    …I really am going to try this!
    Does a cottage cheese video count as vlogging??

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