ZooBooKoo Board games review & competition

Of all the items we’ve been sent for Rose to review I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so taken with anything as she is with the two ZooBooKoo board games we received recently.

Insect and jungle games

Rose isn’t quite two yet and so when we were offered the games-which are aimed at children three and over I wasn’t sure what she would make of them or if we’d have to put them away for a while. However, Rose was immediately taken with the bright and colourful games. They are a metre long and fold out like a concertina. As well as the main game on the front their are smaller activities on the reverse. The games are also wipeable and have spaces to store the counters which is really handy. No wonder they’ve been awarded 10/10 by the Good Toy Guide.

Jungle Number Line is where players have to spin the dial and either add or subtract to see who reaches the end of the number line first. Insect Alphabet Line has a similar theme of spinning the dial and using the counters to progress forwards along the line.

game 1

We showed her the counters and dial and even though she doesn’t fully understand the concept of the games (or is she a genius!) she takes a counter and moves it number by number or letter by letter, pausing to spin the dial in-between, getting to the end of the line and then starting all over again. It’s so sweet and I love watching her using her imagination to play her own version of the game.

At the moment we are attempting counting; ‘1,2,3 GO’ etc and so she says ‘2,2,2’ as she moves the counters. Eventually this will turn into counting and she will start to recognise the numbers or letters and they will become familiar to her. These games are a fantastic learning tool for little people learning numeracy and literacy. The way they are designed makes them wonderfully inviting and exciting to play.

As the games are a metre long they are extremely interactive and easy for several players to take turns without squabbles. They fold up to the size of a small book that can be popped into your changing bag-last Friday we went for a meal so took the game along and Rose sat on the floor next to us and played staying occupied for ages.

ZooBooKoo have very generously offered the two games as a competition prize. So to be in with a chance of winning Insect Alphabet Line and also Jungle Number Line enter on the rafflecopter below.

The Rules

UK entrants only please. ZooBooKoo are responsible for sending out the prize. If you visit my Facebook page as an entry on the rafflecoper, you don’t have to like my page or share to be entered but that would be nice! Facebook is not affiliated with this competition in any way.

Good luck!

*we were gifted the ZooBooKoo board games in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and words are as always my own.

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