ZUS-The world’s first smart car charger and car locator review

ZUS-The first smart car charger and car locator review

How often do you go out for the day only to realise your phone is only on 13%?! This sends me into a mad panic for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I am not the world’s most confident driver and although I have sat nav built into my car, I find it really difficult to follow so always use my iPhone. Anyone who uses the sat nav on their phone will know how much it drains the battery. Secondly, I would definitely need my phone if I were to run into some kind of problem with the car. Just like the punctured tyre I had last week, Luckily I didn’t need to worry about my battery being flat and called the cavalry (Mr T) who came and rescued me and changed my flat tyre. Phew!

ZUS car charger

How people coped before mobile phones I’ll never know…

The Nonda ZUS smart car charger and car locator is the first smart car charger in the world and became a number one best-seller on Amazon being rated 4.7 out of 5 stars. It is an absolute snip at £24.99 – I really thought it would cost more for all that German know-how. It uses the same charging technology as an apple or android charger and actually charges in half the time of a regular car charger. It really is quick and charged my phone by 28% on a short ten-minute journey.

I might have been known to park my car and then completely forget where it is! I seem to always do this when I’m pushing a trolly full to the brim with shopping, in the rain and trying to control an errant toddler simultaneously.

It’s just always the way, you know?!

ZUS-The first smart car charger and car locator review

The ZUS charger actually finds your car if you lose it! Seriously, I am not kidding, if you lose your car the charger will tell the pre-installed app on your android phone where it is parked using GPS thus avoiding walking around the car park aimlessly – that has been me so many times. I haven’t lost my car for real yet (trust me it will happen) but we did give it a go in the school holidays and I can tell you it works really well and keeps the kids entertained too!

ZUS-The first smart car charger and car locator review

Have a watch of the video below and you can see how it works for yourself, if you are in the market for a new charger, you would be crazy not to buy this. I just don’t see that there is anything out there to rival this fab product which comes highly recommended from me.

*The ZUS charger was sent as a consideration for review, all words are my own.

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