Chocolate at home

Who doesn’t like chocolate at home? Certainly not me. In fact, I usually have the odd stash hidden about the place but nothing quite as exquisite as I am showing you today.

Would you believe me if I told you I made these chocolates myself? Well, I did! I know, pretty impressive right? It’s all thanks to Chocolate At Home and their incredible chocolate making kits.

I was sent the Milk Chocolate Break-Up Bars and the Chocolate Canapes to try out (as well as some chocolate Santa lollies that will feature here soon!)

I started out with the Canapes, I had to whisk milk together with the chocolate ingredients provided and add it to a piping bag. The base part of the canape is provided in the kit, all you need to do is pop it out of the mould, fill it with the whisked mousse and decorate with the hazelnuts and candied orange. It was so simple and took me around 5 minutes, these are a brilliantly impressive treat to whip up for a dinner party. Everyone will be seriously impressed that you made your own chocolates yet they take minimal preparation time.



Chocolate canapés from Chocolate At Home

For the Break-Up Bars I melted chocolate buttons and stirred in the ingredients: One bar is rocky road, the other honeycomb and orange. You then pour the chocolate mix into a mould and leave it to set.



I was really impressed that the chocolate making process required no complicated equipment and no extra ingredients (apart from fresh milk) absolutely everything else is right there in the kit. Even the chocolate moulds are reusable.

When my eldest daughter Holly came home and saw all the chocolates, she asked me where the chocolate making machine was and seemed amazed when I told her I had made them by hand. Everyone else was suitably impressed too! And they tasted delicious, Rocky Road Break-Up Bar disappeared first swiftly followed by the rest and although you can keep them for 14 days they barely lasted 14 hours in our house!


Rocky road and honeycomb and orange milk chocolate bars

I am absolutely delighted at the quality of the chocolate making kits and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone, I think the results are stunning. These kits would make fantastic Christmas gifts and watch this space as I can’t wait to show you the chocolate Santa lollies that Rose and I will be making together.

Chocolate canape

What do you think, would you like to try chocolate making at home?

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  • You Baby Me Mummy

    Written on 12th November 2015


    They look amazing! Seriously huni, you have such a talent for photography. You need to be taking pictures for cookbooks, everything looks amazing. Scrap that write your own cook book, ‘A blogger bakes’? and takes your own pictures. No 1 best seller right there :) xxxx

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