Four little ducks

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Once upon a time there were four little ducks, they were lost. Their journey began in a green forest far from anywhere. As they looked out over the horizon they could only dream of finding a place where they belonged.



They waddled along meandering pathways and suddenly heard a familiar sound. Quack quack quack. They cautiously crossed the log of a fallen tree and plopped into the water at the other side. The quacking sound was being made by some much bigger older ducks.

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”Maybe this is where we belong?” One of the little ducks exclaimed. ”Hmm I don’t know, those big ducks seem to be ignoring us” another said. The little ducks agreed that the big ducks weren’t at all friendly so they continued on their journey.


Soon enough, they heard the sounds of a stream bubbling away. ”Perhaps that is where we belong” one said. They perched on the edge peering down nervously at the fast flowing water beneath them. ”Let’s use this branch to cross the water and find a spot where it’s not so dangerous looking” they all agreed. With that they slipped one by one into the water with a splosh! ”Oh no” they cried. ”It’s far too cold in here”


They clambered to the nearest rock to shake their feathers and dry off. Just then, a young girl appeared and examined each duck curiously before stuffing them into her pockets. ”I wonder where she’ll take us?” one whispered. They all decided it was much warmer, not to mention safer to be inside the girl’s pocket, rather than bobbing up and down in the cold stream.


They nestled up together for a nap and awoke that evening to the sound of running water. They detected the soft scent of lavender in the air. A few minutes passed and they were dropped into the water one by one. With that they began splishing and splashing and squirting each other with the lovely warm bath water brimming lavender bubbles. Best of all, the girl who had rescued them was squealing with delight. She was the little duck’s bathtime buddy and she was so much fun. ”This is exactly where we belong” they said happily.



These brilliant H&A colourful squirting ducks from the bathtime buddies collection are perfect for capturing the imagination of children (and adults!) available from Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Wilko with an rrp of £2.00. What adventures will you have?

*This post is my entry to the H&A ambassador programme. We would love to become part of the H&A fun squad!

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