Primal Snack Box Review

Introducing the UK’s very first Paleo friendly snack box subscription service.

For those of you who read my blog, you will know that I’ve recently started living the Paleo lifestyle. I have actually found this easier than I thought I would. There is a wealth of knowledge out there on the net, great suppliers and literally thousands of recipes to chose from. One thing I have found difficult though is having snacks on hand for when I need a quick pick-me-up and a piece of fruit isn’t quite going to cut it!

That’s where the Primal Snack Box has come in, and my goodness it doesn’t disappoint. I eagerly awaited my little parcel after the bank holiday. I do love getting parcels and was excited to see what was inside this week’s box. As you can see from there was a really good variety of sweet and savoury Paleo friendly snacks inside. I immediately opened and devoured the lemon pie raw bar which was absolutely bloody gorgeous! I haven’t eaten everything in the box as we’re going away again soon and I want to be able to take my box with me because I won’t be cooking much (hopefully!). What I have eaten has been delicious, the lemon bar and the coconut paleo bars (so moist-yum) are my favourite thing so far.

One of the good things about the snack box is that if you haven’t tried something before it gives you the opportunity to, so biltong for example, has never appealed to me but it’s actually really nice and very satisfying when you want something properly savoury.

Another plus point, if you’re anything like me you get to the middle of the afternoon and you just want to grab something quick and easy before you make tea or whatever. It’s nice to have something quick, easy and convenient that you don’t have to think about or faff making.

As it says on the Primal Snack Box Site:

”Every primal snack box will contain a variety of at least 10 primal and paleo-friendly snacks. Inside the box you can expect a combination of: unique meat snacks, energy bars, paleo chocolate treats, raw snacks, nut and seed mixes, dried fruit and much more!”

I think that this Paleo snack box subscription is such a fantastic idea, if you follow the Paleo lifestyle then this will be a wonderful way of trying out new things and having tasty, clean and healthy snacks readily available.

The boxes are available at the Primal Snack Box website. They can be ordered as a one-off for £21.99 or a fortnightly or monthly subscription for £19.99 which includes p&p *

I would highly recommend them to you and say they are excellent value for money as they are bursting with home made healthy goodies.

*pr sample 


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